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We embrace the power of technology to build a better future and we dream our kids will be makers and not consumers of technology.


With a learning compass and activities designed for your kid’s age we can give them the freedom to learn and be learners.


We must have fun when we learn, engage and be active learners. Each activity is designed with your kid in mind and how they can enjoy learning.

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We live in a digital world, and with more graphic and textual information available, we must give children the tools for making sense of the information and communicating responsibly.


It is important for children to learn how to solve problems, but we as parents must help them see the bigger picture involves more than just themselves.

Critical Thinking

Far beyond solving problems, in today's digital world, children must learn to navigate the oceans of information and be able to decide if it's credible or not.


Children are the most creative among us humans, we must encourage them to express their ideas and think outside the box.

With the 4C’s in mind
we have created an app

for your kids to communicate in a digital world and collaborate. We want your kids to ask themselves “Why?”, to discover the world around them and express their creativity, while creating meaningful connections with you as a parent.

Interactive books


Is the spanish translation of “I Discover”, young children learn best through their own curiosity and discovery. When they drop a toy they learn about gravity, when you smile back to their smile they learn about expression and empathy. We want to embrace that process of discovering with technology.

We used the sense of touch to exploit the natural exploration strategies of children, using touch devices we can give real-time feedback and design activities to embrace learning.

The most effective way for children to learn is through visuals and interactions, with voice feedback we help them navigate before they can start reading by themselves.

With safety in mind we have designed the app to  offer a safe learning environment, free from distractions and access to things on the tablet.

Descubro interactive activities are designed for kids to discover the world around them in colors, letters, numbers, shapes and technology in a playful way.  

With positive discipline in mind parents can set the maximum amount of time per day to use the app and follow-up their kids learning process, to celebrate learning together.

Your kids will listen, recite and discover letters and numbers from day one. We recommend the use of a digital pen to help develop writing skills and create strong synapsis in the brain.

Interactive books

for each learning skill

  • Descubro la lectura y escritura

    Designed to learn to read and write in spanish, embraces creativity and kids will enjoy learning in a more natural unfragmented way.

  • Discovery Tek (Coming soon)

    Designed for the development of skills children need for computational thinking. With interactive activities that will make them creators.

  • Descubro el mundo matemático (Coming soon)

    Designed to learn the building blocks of math skills.

Lets discover the world together