Our story

About Descubro

Crazy parents

Inspiring our kids


We are group of parents that want to leave a better future to our children. Help them enjoy learning and become life long learners. 

Technology has come to revolutionize the way we communicate, the way we are able to interact with the world. This is why we cannot put it aside, we must embrace it  in order to increase our ability to learn. And exploit the natural ability of our children to explore, feel and experience. How do we use technology to learn? This was the question we asked ourselves and to which we are giving  it an answer with Descubro. And as technology advances with new tools for more natural interactions we will be there challenging the status quo and bringing it to our children.

It is how we learn

Why Descubro?

Descubro is the way we learn about the world, our brain is designed to explore naturally and since we are little we use the scientific method to discover how things work and respond to our actions.