Common questions


Can I try before purchasing?

You have the option to download one of our interactive books for each child in your account to try the demo activities before purchasing.

Can I review the activities of my kids?

You are really important in your children learning process, that is why you can review the activities and celebrate their learning together.

Can a teacher review the activities of my kids?

If you are part of a Descubro school, your child's teacher will give you a unique code that will assign the book to your child's profile and give access to the teacher from Descubro Teacher app

Can you add my book in the Descubro ecosystem?

If you are a parent, teacher or crazy enough to help us make a world a better place and use technology to embrace learning please e-mail us at crazy@descubro.app

What type of digital stylus do you recommend?

We highly recommend you a stylus that simulates a real world pencil or crayon. For iOS the Logitech crayon is a great option, but our app also works with capacitive stylus. We recommend a stylus for the benefits of writing in our brain.

Why the app is only available in tablets?

We are parents too and want the best for our kids, that's why when we designed the app we thought of the best possible device that can help our kids learn and create with technology.